CRGO Off-Cuts Mixed

AVAILABE CRGO Off Cuts Offer We can offer CRGO Off-Cuts Electrical Steel approx. Origin of the material: Germany, Japan and EU manufacturers. This material we can offered you monthly base. Please contact us for further details. GET A QUOTE

Material purchase

ENGLISH We are continuously looking for Material: Prime, Second and Third Choice material,Full Coils, Slit Coils, Baby Coils, Interleave Coils, Squeezed Coils, Strips, Sheets. Rest and headings, residual splitting tapes, surplus stock, residual quantities, special items, IIa material. Please contact us. We are looking forward to your contact and a successful collaboration.   GERMAN Wir …

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Welcome to GSCT our core business is steel trading. Further activities include commodities, recycling, scrap. We trade with prime, secondary and third choice materials. Please contact us for further details. This is our News section, please keep following it for new offers.